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About Us

Headcount Planning should be thoughtful, stable, and intuitive...and it should WORK

With a collective decades of expertise across headcount planning, talent acquisition, tech, and marketing, we deeply know and understand the complexity and depth of how to proactively, thoughtfully approach stable headcount planning and the necessary accompanying headcount analytics.

Our Story

Inefficient headcount planning, analytics, and adjustment cause unnecessary strain on companies and on the talent acquisition functions within them. We stopped, took a step back, and designed a platform that could balance out the volatility so ever present in this inefficient, time and energy costing process. What inspired us to do this?

We've built and led high performing recruiting teams across hyper growth hiring frenzies, hiring freezes, and RIFs across companies of all sizes, from pre-Series A to large scale enterprise corporations. These teams have consistently been asked to operate at 0mph or 120mph; it's either stop hiring, or hire, full speed ahead. There have been negligible moments, through 7+ consecutive years of leading high performing teams, where the recruiting team has been asked to operate at a stable 60mph. We faced this whiplash firsthand as recruiters for nearly a decade prior to leading teams through it. We know firsthand what happens when hiring plans go awry - and they do more often than not.

Meet The Team

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